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This One Weird Hack...

Everyone's Favorite Influencer Starts Speaking

25 Jun 2023

This one quick hack will revolutionize your app UX and give you amazing growth!

It's super simple!

Just talk to your users (not ChatGPT or "Synthetic Users")
Fix the problems.
Make the product solve their needs.
Stop with the ()&*$%)(& dark patterns and addictive crap.

Nope, no sexy Figma mocks.
Nope, no NPS crap.

Actual conversations with humans using software and getting feedback."But that is expensive! That takes time!"

Yes. And in the same way that rewriting the code later is a bad choice, so is skipping out on the user-centered research.

This is early product development lifecycle stuff. It's inherent to building good products. You can't outsource it to the PdM or Engineering. It's not a do it and forget it thing either. It's ongoing throughout the process.

You should always be talking to users.
You should always be researching.
You should always be listening on customer support calls.

A good number of short sighted companies have recently cut many User Research and UX teams.

You can build out a quality practice in short order with top talent and leverage that to be one of your differentiators, creating happier customers who become champions for your product, therefore increasing your bottom line.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash