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Meticulous Relaunches KX Holdings

Bridging Sustainable Practices with Modern Design

29 Sep 2023

We’re happy to announce the launch of the new KX Holdings website. Meticulous is pleased to collaborate on this project with our long-time partners, Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs and AudienceOps. When Rob Koger & KX Holdings approached Meticulous, their goal was clear: develop a website reflec...


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Stealing Focus

Interrupting a Person's Flow Is Never a Good Experience

14 Jul 2023

One of the worst sins of a multiple concurrent app desktop environment is what I refer to as "stealing focus." This lousy experience used to be more prevalent in websites that had decided that ALL THE POPUPS before reading an article was the way to go. Substack still does this by interrupting y...


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Design Systems from 0 to 1

Presented at Frontrunners in DC

01 Jul 2023

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to speak at Frontrunners in the DC area, presenting "Design Systems from 0 to 1." The video of that talk is now up on YouTube. If you need help with your product getting your UI cleaned up and moving towards a reusable and consistent component system on both t...


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This One Weird Hack...

Everyone's Favorite Influencer Starts Speaking

25 Jun 2023

This one quick hack will revolutionize your app UX and give you amazing growth! It's super simple! Just talk to your users (not ChatGPT or "Synthetic Users") Fix the problems. Make the product solve their needs. Stop with the ()&*$%)(& dark patterns and addictive crap. Nope, no sexy Figma moc...


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Buttons Are Back

Or Why Touch Screens Everywhere Is Dangerous

18 May 2023

When I was growing up I wanted to be an astronaut. I played a vintage game on my MacSE called "Orbiter" which basically was a recreation of the Space Shuttle cockpit, complete with switches, buttons, and readouts. I love the explicitness of those interfaces from the Apollo module and airplane coc...


Feature Image for John Athayde on Product Thinking Podcast

John Athayde on Product Thinking Podcast

Discussing "Investing in Internal Tools"

26 Oct 2022

John appeared on the Product Thinking Podcast this week with Melissa Perri. John and Melissa discuss how he shifted focus to the importance of internal tools at Living Social, how he got buy-in from leadership to prioritize internal tools, the process of creating a design system for a scaling org...